Thursday, April 2, 2009

i will find my way

i've been listening to a lot of songs by Hins Cheung lately.
especially, "My Way".

"i will find my way...i want a different way
after the wind and rain...there'll be a brand new day."

i first heard it on the radio - a Chinese radio station.
although at first, i did not understand a word since it's in Mandarin,
but now...
i am sufficient enough to follow their music charts.

i have been listening to the station for the past 8 years.
it's amazing how music could transcend barriers...

in my room, while working on an assignment...
on the bus or just walking from classes...either on my laptop or walkman handphone...
i'll be listening to "My Way".

it gives me courage and inspiration to move change...
life and also my own self.

hins cheung.


Reya Mellicker said...

You ARE on your way. Finding the path is the same thing as walking the path, or so one of my teachers used to say. Have you ever walked on one of those big Chartres style walking labyrinths? Supposedly they recreate the pattern of the path of life. It is NOT a straight path. It meanders back and forth, this way and that way.

You're doing great, paying attention, and being fully human. It's the journey, not the destination! Believe me.

Reya Mellicker said...

Here's a link to the labyrinth organization I studied with.


moonshin said...

thanks, Reya.

i promise not to let a couple of squash bugs or bird poops on the windshield, to stop me from driving my 'own car' towards my 'own destination'.

i promise myself...
and i promise you.

happy days =)

i'll make sure to check out the link you've given me. thanks again.

Relyn said...

I find it fascinating that you listen to Chinese music. I really, really love that about you. The way you expand your mind, your boundaries - in music, in skills, in words.

moonshin said...

wow...thank you, Relyn...for your kind words. i'm touched.

i don't have any prejudice or preferences when it comes to music, books and arts.
as long as it is long as i like them...i just go with it.

i guess, that explains why i knit mufflers, even though the climate here does not permit me to wear them. it's hot here, you see... =)

apart from Chinese songs, i also enjoy japanese and korean songs. you should give them a try. =)

have a wonderful day.