Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Problems + element x = life

what do you think of my newly 'baked' equation regarding the mystery of life?
straight out of the oven!
well...maybe not 'mystery' ...... a fact of life?

problems + problems + problems + element X = life

ridiculous? ....or perhaps it is something that you can connect with?

life is like a sink with a drain...
(now that i think about it, every sink has a drain. DUH).

problems keep pouring in like water through pipes...
the sink will try to hold them off, but only for so long...
then after a while, down they go into the drain.

all of the craziness - solved or unsolved problems - they gotta go somewhere, right?
so...some would choose to ignore 'the laden amount of water'...others just 'let it go shooosh into the drain.
take your pick. its your 'sink'.

How you 'manage' your sink will influence your 'element X'.
what is element X?
you tell me.

come on guys...there must be something that you 'gained' out of the 'mess'...
if the 'sink' needs repairing, it is an EXTRA if the plumber happens to be someone hot.
what? am i wrong?

you decide the X.
because the X and along with the 'problems' can make your LIFE meaningful.
you just need to see deeper into the 'water'. =)


Robin Wong said...

very true...=)

moonshin said...

thank, God someone understood my analogy!

i was getting a bit worried there... sink..water...pipes? glad that you are not bamboozled by my way of explaining things.
lol! =)

Robin Wong said...

well, analogies are created to simplify a concept, just like what you did...well done girl...=)

moonshin said...

wow, thanks Robin! there's a lot more where that came!