Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my diseased heart

my heart has contracted a disease.
and it's dying - fast.

do you know how the saying goes that
'Time will heal everything'?
i think it's a lie.
because i've accumulated more damage over the years.
i'm far from being healed...
so, tell me
how does it work really?

the disease seems to be progressing quite rapidly.
slowly, my heart is beginning to loose its ability to trust people.

how does it that people gets closer each day..
but i'm the only one that keeps drifting farther away?
i guess my heart must be nearing its end now...

my advise for you is that...
if your heart is ill like mine
please find a way to heal its pain immediately
don't ignore it like i did...

don't let it be too late...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

....with my friend.

i went to the PC fair yesterday with my friend.
before that, we had a discussion about our assignment.
since both were lazy to bring our own laptop...
we had to crash onto someone else's class to 'borrow' a computer.
in the end, got hauled off by their lecturer...
i guess our undercovers got blown off.

hopped onto the bus...
chatting merrily about the kind of mp3 that we want to buy.
i've been wanting to buy one since forever and...
she kept losing hers all over the place.
this one will be her 5th mp3.

we browsed - taking in the price, the brand, the design...
finally found one -SONY.
we kept bargaining like aunties at the market...
agreed on the deal - we bought the SONY.
laughing our heads off for the fact that our pockets were considerably lighter than a couple of minutes ago.

then, went for a bite at the pantry.
both bought pizzas with milo...
sitting together...chatting...laughing...

it was fun.
everytime...with my friend, it'll be fun.