Tuesday, April 14, 2009

life's journey

most people i know, hate the public transportation. well...at times, i do too. especially, during peak hours like around midday and in the evening. the situation is even worse on festive holidays... it's like a war. without a certain level of mind preparation, i doubt that you'll survive the journey. public transportation is indeed, not meant for those who are weak at heart. i am certainly not exaggerating, i am merely telling the truth (well, maybe a little).

however, even with the 'pushing', 'shoving', 'eyes rolling', 'bad odor' and sometimes 'mechanical problems'....i have come to love the public transportation. i enjoy riding the bus and the commuter. it's not weird.....is it?

i simply enjoy the rides. i love sitting by the window and looking into the outside world....to me it feels safe. honestly, i kind of looking forward to the journey home by bus. to me, it symbolizes the current state that i am in; in the middle, still searching for a goal...a destination in life. i find myself immediately at calm during those numbered hours - to think life through - slowly deciding which way i should be going next.

in less than a month, i will experience a 'new ride' into a whole 'new world'...wonder how my perspective and view on life will change then...or will it not change at all? i, honestly do not know.


Robin Wong said...

a new ride?? where??
btw, i just couldn't help to complement you that you are really reflective, so much so that you can do reflection in the pack public tranpsortation..=)

moonshin said...

yeah...well...that's just life i guess. i always feel that when you are looking at other people...you are actually, looking at yourself. it triggers a sort of an 'atmosphere' for me to reflect my life.


but thanks for dropping by =)

well...about the 'new ride' and 'the new world'...you just got to stay tune. lol! =)