Thursday, May 7, 2009

an important change in life....

starting next weekend, i will embark on a new adventure...
i don't know how it'll affect me but i have a good feeling that i'll return home as someone new.
i might be abscent from the blogging world for some
please, wait for me.
eventhough we are only half way through 2009...
but these last few months have been the most memorable ones for me.
i don't know how to explain it but....
right now...right at this moment...i feel like i'm finally 'free'.
i am free to live life the way i want it to be.
i just got my international pasport few weeks ago.....
the feeling of holding it in my hands is undescribable.
feels as though the whole world is within my grasp....
i will make sure to use it well.
so...take care, guys.
hope life won't be too hard on you...take a breather when it becomes to hard.
then, start again.
see you soon.
love, moonshin.