Tuesday, November 10, 2009

one year from today

One text message, one smile.
One song – to accompany the dead silent night.

One cake, one birthday card.
One candle – to light up a lonely heart.

One picture, one blue-dress.
One hopeful wish – to rejoice a, one-sweet day.

One pink bracelet, one jar of cookies.
One friendship – to last forever.

One ice-blended chocolate, one cup of milk.
One place – to feel like home.

One black spectacle, one sneaker.
One backpack, one girl.

One year from today – one dream.


Darkness is the sky without a sun.
Almost black.
Alone – no sound.

Purple is the secret world separating night and day.
Only a line-thick across the horizon.
Stunning but shy – last only for moment’s glances…

Green is the wave of leaves against cool-morning dews.
A blanket of calmness.
A deep sigh – burden is lifted.

Blue, is the sky painted with a colorful rainbow.
Reassuring – a point of certainty in a mess of unpredictable.
Always there – blowing kisses to onlookers.

And red, is the three special words said to him.
Thunderous. Chemical reaction. Spontaneous.
But honest. Sincere. Heartfelt.

White is the dandelions along with our wishes in the wind.
A has-been-innocence – when we were little kids…

The world is colorful.
My eyes and brain tell me that it is beautiful.
But sometimes… like today…
Black is how I feel inside.

This song… “COLOURS”…
Which I keep listening to repeatedly,
Its lyrics and melody…

Eyes close.
Heart beats in-synch with its rhythm…
Its soft-beauty is contagious…a blend of colors.

I want to drown in its world for a while longer.

Friday, November 6, 2009


i guess, i've arrived at the age
where i'm suppose to put on some make-up
before i went out...
or meeting new people...

most of my friends are beginning to familiarize themselves
with variety of make-up products.
or maybe they've been so...a long time ago.

even for the usual classes,
i can see traces of eyeliner and blusher on their faces.
they hook on to colored lenses recently.
and without rea;izing it, i'm now one of the few
who are left wearing glasses.

i wonder...
will i ever change?
i had put on some make-up before...
i had put on lenses a couple of time before...
but each time...it took so much effort...
felt too alienated...
i don't think i'll ever wear it again.

applying foundation and face powder...
put on the eyeliner and mascara...
and then,the blusher-gently rub against your cheek-apple.
lastly, your listick.

when trying to look beautiful for someone special...
this kind of tedious work comes naturally.

for now, maybe not for me.
i prefer my glasses and my hats.
at least...for now.