Tuesday, April 28, 2009

all grown up?

i SEEK a lot of reassurance and answers from others....
especially, my Dad.

'will everything be okay?' .... 'do you think it's okay to do that?'
'i don't know what i want to do with my life...i don't know what i want to be'
'am i doing this right?' .... 'what should i do?'

a call from home would usually remedied everything.
my injured pride. my disappointments. my confusions. my hurt.
- always recharge my energy to max -

but without realizing when...and how...
the word SEEK has changed to SOUGHT.
now, the calls and the long talk failed to bring the comfort that it used to give me.

my worries. my doubts. my sadness.
i have recognized them all as mine - i take responsibility for them from now on.
knowing that others can only help so much.... knowing that life is too precious to be wasted away...
knowing that i have so much to be grateful for... knowing that there must be a place for me out there...
gives me courage to face the world - to make my own decisions.
and that brings so much more satisfaction than i thought it would give me.

is it because i'm all grown up now?
just the thought of it makes me laugh.


Ivy and Haley said...

You have a beautiful way of writing. And I like the way you complement your posts with photos...it's really intriguing.

Come visit our blog. And comment! We love comments :)

moonshin said...

hi, Ivy and Haley.

thank you for your kind words. really appreciate them =)

please, drop by anytime. and yeah sure, i'll be happy to check out your blog.

Relyn said...

You know, I remember having lots of moments where I thought, "This is it. I'm a grown up now." Want to know when I really become an adult?

When I became a mother. There is something so weighty and liberating about it. A heavy load and a freedom to do things your way, both. I looked into my daughter's eyes and finished growing up. Now I spend my time remembering how to hang on to child-like wonder.