Wednesday, February 24, 2010

happy 23rd

Happy 23rd...24th February, 2010.

really had a blast today.
went shopping with yat at sungei wang...
we really painted the town red.

got a brand-new wedges...haa...i'm lovin' it!
blouses and cute dresses...
pit stop at McD for burgers and drinks.

and now...i'm reading posts on my FB wall.
happy birthday wishes echo in all of them...
thank you so much, guys.

....LOL ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Invisible snow

It has been raining all through the night…
So cold…all windows fogged-up.
Lucky, had some sense to put on a sweater before going out…
Also one of the days to be thankful for wearing sneakers
instead of flip-flops.

Buildings and trees look blurry …
the sun glint faintly in a corner…
few people wonder the streets – still early, just a little over 7.00am.
The sky just a barren stretch of white.
Almost no sign of activity except,
for the people inside the train
The occasional sound of rustling pages as newspaper being turned…
Ridiculous ring tones keep vibrating through the air annoying the rest…
Someone yawning and thumping – impatient to get off the train.

Three giggly girls bounce in at the next stop and along with them
a rush of noises and incomprehensible language…
A remix of English, Tamil and Malay.

Someone’s Grandma keeps throwing furtive looks their way
while a crisp-suit woman stares them down like an inspector at custom…

Too sloppy for you, huh? I guess your right…But honey, yours no better.
Lay easy on the eyeliner, dear,
you look like a panda from here…

I imagine, the world without sound must be like
the one outside, right now.

Is there a sound for falling snow?
Like the rain’s….
Sound faintly like cereal being poured into a bowl…
Yes, the swoosh and also the cold.
How about snow though?
Of course, ‘thud’ onto the roof and gutter…
As they hit the windows and porches.
But as they came down…there’s no sound, is there?

Dunno… Never experienced snow season before…
Wish someday…
Alone, threading in the snow along the walks in Korea,
drinking up the beauty of white and silver blanket’s of the world.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i'm an incurable dunce

All of my friends have this special ability to create facts
out of thin air.
Like Copperfield exchanging the audiences’ panties without permission…
It could create quite a mayhem, believe me.
They love to imagine things, I guess…
It’s just that sometimes,
their imagination got way off the grid – really way off.

For example, the fact that I am single.
Is that so hard to believe?
They saw me with a friend at last year Raya gathering,
And they can’t seem to stop taking the mickey out of me.
And that was last year’s piece of evidence.
Oh, boy…

It’s not that I’m not searching…
Hey, I always keep my eyes peel for the One…
Okay, maybe…just once in a while…
when I am not thinking anything inside my head…
Difficult for me to notice someone outside my range of…

One time, I bumped headlong into the lamp post at the faculty.
I just missed things when I am not making an effort to really see them.
Too focus with the things inside my head…
and what’s with the mp3 playing in my ear – enhancing the ‘drifty’ mood…
Didn’t even start on the number of stairs I’ve…
let’s not talk about that, shall we?

I have some loose screws issues, huh?
I am an incurable dunce.
I don’t know how to read these ‘signals’ from boys.
Like in the ‘Last Message’ post…
Well, you all know how it goes.
There’s a lot more of that kind of stories in my book…

This thing needs a lot of work.
I think, I’ll stick to being single a while longer.
Hhihhiihihihh ;)

some of my favorite songs...

Mariah Carrey – Always be My Baby

“We were as one, babe…for a moment in time…
And it seems everlasting that you will always be mine.
Now, you wanna be free, so I let you fly…
Coz I know in my heart, babe, our love will never die, no…”

Corinne Bailey Rae – Put Your Records On

“Maybe sometimes, we got it wrong but it’s alright.
The more things seem to change…the more they stay the same.
Don’t you hesitate…”

Stacie Orrico – I Promise

“Will I always be there for you?
When you need someone, will I be that one you need?”

Janet Jackson – Together Again

“When I feel that I don’t belong – draw my strength –
from the words when you said, ‘Hey, it’s alright baby’
‘It’s deeper inside you baby’

Shania Twain – You Got a Way

“You got a way with me…
Somehow you got me to believe.
In everything that I could be…I gotta say, you really got a way”

Brandy – Have You Ever

“Have you ever had someone steal your heart away?
You give anything to make them feel the same.
Have you ever search for words to get you in their hearts?
But you don’t know what to say and you don’t know where to start.

Desree’ – Life

“I’m a superstitious girl.
I’m the worst in the world.
Never walked under ladders, I keep the rabbit’s tail.
I’ll take you up on a deer, anytime, anywhere,
Name the place, I’ll be there, bungee-jumping I don’t care.

Celine Dion & Clint Black – When I Fall in Love

“When I fall in love…
It will be forever or I’ll never fall in love…”


Monday, February 8, 2010

Heart feels heavy.

Heart feels heavy.
Throat feels dry – fill with unspoken words.
Shoulder sags under invisible burden…
Dragging you down.

When you feel like crying…
Don’t hold it in, just cry.

Breath shortens.
The eyes blink in warm anticipation.
First drop. Then, the second.
Just let it all out.
It will be alright.

Wind will come soon and blow the rainy clouds away.
Tomorrow, the sun will shine only for the brighter.
Don’t be afraid.
If you fall down, all you got to do is to stand up again.

There will be a smile at the end of the tears.
Have hope. Hang in there.

p/s: what do you think of my photos? i love taking photos of little children even though i'm actually pretty bad when it comes to children - just don't know what to do....LOL.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Last weekend...

30th January, 2010.

The sliding door stood ajar…
The apple-green curtains drawn back a little…
The old clock high on the wall struck 1 in the afternoon,
I was back at home…
and at the time,
lying flat on my back by the door…
With a paper-folded fan in one hand…
my sony-E in the other…
Profusely sweating, and continuously praying,
for the electric to come back on.

I could only see the palm trees from where I was.
The sun was shining so brightly – it made the trees glowed in hallows.
But the sounds and noises from all around me…
Back then, I remembered thinking… “Ah…life is taking place”.
The sound of Mom’s clutters in the kitchen…
Dad with the running hose in the backyard…
Children playing tag next door…
Occasional honking of a van and the
clinging of bells from a bicycle passing-by.

I found myself thinking of my childhood days.
The ‘me’ back then, wouldn’t be lying still and waiting patiently…
Just a couple of hours before…
I went into town with Mom and Dad.
Out of the blue, they bought me new dresses.
So, this is how I am being grateful.

A lot of things have happened in the past…
Sad, happy things…
But I think, I know enough now to say this…
It’s difficult to give up on life – never give up.

A lot of good things will come…and
of this, I am sure.
The ‘evidence’ is still with me till this day – tightly clasped onto my wrist…
Snuggly close around my finger…
A bright, glittering amulet in times of darkness
– a dream came true –
A coming-of-age gift from Mom and Dad.

Yep. Everyday is like a present.
Be it in the form of a sunset…or a text message…
A pat in the back…the “Are you okay?”…
The world is how we ‘look’ at it.

I felt glad coming home that weekend.
From the ice-blended chocolate to the steamed fish…
It is good to be home.

Maybe an hour later or so…
Unknowingly, I drifted off to sleep.
Lying spread-eagled on the marble floor by the door.
Do you want to know something?
The electric came back on as soon as I woke up.
So…no harm done.
Sweating is good for your health, by the way.LOL.

A strong, sweet smell wafted through the whole house…
It’s one of my favorites…
“Mom, are there durians in the kitchen?”
“Yeah, I bought some earlier at the market for you”.

Life is beautiful…