Wednesday, March 31, 2010

night and day

Night and day.
The difference is so little…
of a word…
In the absence of light.

But the feelings they invoke,
when alone…. is indescribable.

Riding this bus back to college…
…9.30 pm…
Passing by… lighted little windows…
I’ve never felt more alone.
Even the songs that I listen to on my mp3,
Failed – to fill in the surrounding emptiness.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A good day at work

SMS exchanged between Moonshin and her Dad. She just got back from a meeting – still exhilarated from the day’s work, she sent her Dad a SMS.

Moonshin : Had a great day today at work…I think, I belong here.
Dad : what do yow alk do. Lt sounds so interesting.
Moonshin : Couldn’t understand a word…English plzz…
Dad : What did you do today to make it sounds so great?

Moonshin felt like an idiot. She uses perfect-spelled words every time with Mom and Dad so that they could understand. But at that time, she felt she was playing the fool. Not such a great day for Dad…maybe. Anyhow, Moonshin continued with her explanation – blissfully unaffected by the hint of sarcasm in Dad’s reply.

Moonshin : Oh, just the usuals I guess. But I’m more used to it by now. Dr. B’s praise being the major factor…I can see myself striving really hard in this line of work… I get along well with the other RAs… We joke around, order in Pizza huts for lunch and then, to continue working again. I like this atmosphere.
Dad : Oh I see. I am happy for you too.

It ended here – short and sweet – because Moonshin had forgotten that her credit was running pretty low after that phone call to Pizza hut…Damn…


just received an email...
i might have to go oversea sooner than i think,
to work on the research.

been watching a lot of planes up in the sky lately...
i'm getting on one soon.
just the thought of it...
the thought of being able to learn and experience new things,
.....can't find a good enough word to describe how i feel inside.
but yeah, i'm happy and look forward to it.

always keep the faith.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sunsets from my window Part 3

life is driving me up the wall.
seriously, i'm nuts.
I thought, being a research assistant is easy...
i thought...sure, i could balance everything...
between assignments, projects and work...boy, was i ever wrong.
oh, yeah. and private life. Forgot about that for a moment there.

i am a giant ball of stress.
but the odd thing is i am happy.
i found myself at ease on top of all of these mess!
Stress-out and at ease at the same time?????
now, i'm not even making sense.

but i do know that being busy and stress-out mean
i am working on something meaningful - i'm working for my future and...
my dream.
i am moving one step further on that ladder, baby!
already, submitted my master application...
will be graduating on August...oh yeah, need to update my photo...
don't want that DUCK face appear on screen.huhuhuhuhu...

i guess that,
we need to have faith, not just when the 'miracles' happened...
but also when they don't.

enjoy your day ;)