Sunday, March 27, 2016

When the sun is setting

Walking barefooted on the sand, I frolicked at the water edge.
Watching the sun setting on the horizon, I took as much time as I needed to breath it all in.

I wrote your name on the sand.
Perhaps I was drunk breathing in all the scenery; I succumbed to the cliche'.

I don't know if I have any space left in my heart for you.
Honestly, much of it was eaten away through the years...
...and I am just too tired to play the game, again.

and the most funny thing might not even see me how I see you.

I was looking at the sun setting...I was enjoying the feel of the warm breeze on my skin...
I was surprised by the fact that a gentleman who was walking by the shore, actually paused a few good seconds and looked my way before walking away.

But amidst all of that I was thinking about you.

I was thinking what would I do if I had you by my the sea...watching the sun setting...would I have just surrendered to the moment and be cliche' myself? LOL

Love, Moonshin.