Monday, August 12, 2013

New Semester. New Chapter in it seems.... ^^

I've just been made the new Course Coordinator.
I wasn't really listening when my HC explained to me about the job...
I only have less than 8 months of working experience...
At the time, my insides went jello~ and I felt the ground shaking beneath my feet...
Honestly? I'm scared to bits.

Yes, I manage things well.
Correction: I manage my OWN things well.
Yes, I am good at planning things.
Correction: I was my only subject whenever I planned things.

I know I am in for a roller-coaster ride starting next semester...
am expecting tears, stomachaches, cat-fights, eye-rolling - all the works.

Haiizzzz....and I still owe my supervisor  the third draft before the big presentation comes October.
I'm going to Manila in Oct too. For a conference.
One manuscript due several months ago~~
yeah, you read it right. MONTHS~~

I am not sure HOW, but I'll just do it.
Things will be okay.....right?
I won't suck so bad that the university would have to shut down.....right?


In the mess of it all, my parents tried to play cupid last holiday....
I put a firm stop to it.
They have dropped the subject.