Sunday, February 1, 2009

Caught in the moment

Once...i promised a close friend that we would go out to eat Korean food together. We were just about to sit for an exam when the thought of going out struck us like a good idea. Since we would have like a four days' gap till the next thoughts back then was that, it will be alright - there's still plenty of time afterwards left for studying. So, we decided to go the next day.

Thinking about it now...i am still not so sure of the reasons why i made such promise. i still find it regrettable that i called off the plan - feels as if i have terrible disappointed her that day. I remembered the time we had on the bus after the happy we were talking about all the Korean food that we've seen on tv - planning on which to try out first.

Honestly, i think...i was just caught in the moment. The rush of excitement on the idea to escape the exams' heat - to escape from everything - even for a while, seems to get the better of me. This sudden realization makes me many times have i made such a decision just because i was caught in the moment?

Was there ever a decision that is based purely on emotions is better that the ones we put a lot of thinking into? Are we guilty for backing out from a promise made out of a fling? And if we did not back out...if the decision turned out to be a bad one, are we to blame for it?

Life has taught me that, it is either good or bad intentions - there's no in between. if the decision is based on reasons which either brings harm or create no effects you or to people around you...then, it is best not to carry out that decision. Because usually, it will be your own intentions behind each decision that will determine whether you will feel regretful or not later on. My intention back then was to escape - to run away. And because of that, i decided not to go.

I am very sorry my friend, for backing out on you. But the second time when we finally got to go was most enjoyable!

Thank you, dear friend.


The Happy Virus said...

It's ok girl.. back then, me myself assumed that the timing was wrong.. :) still, we have fun while planning it rite?

* not to mention,after that we went and stuffed ourselves with food like orang lame x makan.. lol.

moonshin said...

thanks, you're so kind. =)