Monday, February 23, 2009

the sky that i see...

I have been sitting in front of my laptop for some time now - doing nothing except staring into its blank depth.
Outside - the rain had stopped.
The sky is nothing but a stretch of white canvas across the horizon.
The usual twin electrical tower stood serenely at the back - unscathed by the violent rain.

It is difficult to believe that at this moment; I am looking at the same patch of sky.
Only a couple of hours before, its face was streaked with dark gray and black.
Its belly huge laden with water.

It reminded me of a time when i was small.
In those days, i used to color the sky with nothing else except blue.
whether the picture is raining or cloudy - i still choose the color blue.
When i was small...i guess i never really saw the sky.
I only saw what i wanted to see.

But now, as the sky bares its true nature onto me...and I onto it...
I waited with open arms - the harsh wind, the loud thunder, the blinding light and the cold rain.

i can see my reflection in the sky.

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