Sunday, January 18, 2009

the sound of fear

As i walked along the familiar streets of the city...i watched...and i witnessed the makings of other people's lives.

The sounds that i heard from the surroundings...were also familiar. I walked with ease - i was cautious but i know no fear. I looked at the world different from those who have been touched by fear - fear of discrimination, fear injustice, fear of war, fear of violence - fear of death.

Am i lucky or plain ignorant?

But then again, if i listen close enough...allowing my heart to beat in-sync with the rest of everything...there are other sounds in the background which i have never heard before.
It was the sound of fear, wasn't it?

I watched people as they scurrying by - reading the fear off of their faces. Yes, i learned the existence of fear through someone else's life - not my own. And it scares me to think of the impact it will give me once i have been touched by it.

will i still be the same?


smith kaich jones said...

Perhaps, instead, those passersby will feel your bravery, and some of it will jump from you to them. Fearlessness is quite infectious!

:) Debi

moonshin said...

hope so times, i acknowledged my helplessness to help others. but even so, just like you said...i hope my insignificant existence will bring comfort to those who needs them. even just a little... is alright.

Thank you for your comment. i appreciate them.

hele said...

I often have a bit of fear mixed into
the palette that colours my world.

Although I am in the process of sitting with that fear and letting it dissolve into the spaces that surround me I cannot imagine a live completely without it.

In fact I never dreamed there was someone not feeling it.

One day...

moonshin said...

i sense that you are trying to detach yourself from the emotion of fear. i think that's a good thing. with acknowledgment comes detachment, and after that, there's acceptance.

i guess i am passed all that for saying the things that i have said in my post.

sometimes the horror of reality is too cruel to bear that my senses went numb.

but thank you, Hele for sharing your thoughts with me. i appreciate them. =)

BlackenedBoy said...

Until you've known true fear, or true trauma, you can't know it, but once it's happened it stays with you in one way or another for the rest of your life.

I've gotten over what happened to me two years ago, but what I learned during that time has changed my outlook.

moonshin said...

Thank you, BlackenedBoy for your comment. if you're okay with it, i would really like to hear your story someday.