Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my little journey...

once when i was little, i went on a journey alone...
by bike.
without telling anyone - not even my Mom -
i just hopped onto my bike and kept on pedaling.

i was not running away from home or anything...
i just got a sudden urge to go through with it.

i kept on going without looking back...
passing familiar places just like in a movie.
at some point, i stopped - panting and sweating but...
i was smiling.

the 11 year old me went back because she was wondering what Mom cooked for dinner.
now looking back, i think i just wanted to know how precious all of the things that i was going to leave behind.
the answer was always 'yes' - be it in the past or at present.

as i grow older, the scenery that passes by increases...
new town.
although that journey happened a long time ago...
but that little girl still live inside me.
How she felt...and how she viewed her life...has made me into who i am today.
i am grateful.

sometimes you just need to go away for a while to see... to understand what really matters.


Relyn said...

Hello. I found my way to you via a comment you left at Emma Tree. I have only been here a while, but I already feel at home. What a lovely spot you have created. The images you choose are lovely and your words are full of wonder.

I had never thought of journeys and adventures in quite that way before. Thank you for this wonderful post. Did you take that amazing picture?

Anyway. I just wanted to say, "Hello, friend."

moonshin said...

Hello, Relyn.
thank you for your kind words.=)
thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, Emma Tree is one of my favorites. Fyi, some of the pics here were captured by me but most of it i downloaded from the internet - including that one.
sorry, i kinda suck at photography (that's the understatement of the year!). lol!

p.s nice meeting you, friend.