Sunday, February 1, 2009

'What' and 'Who' we are

we are nothing more and nothing less but a copy of our parents' genetic code.
what we do and what we love is like a reflection upon their younger life.
it's up to us to decide the quality
whether our copy is a 'photostated one' or 'copy-and-paste'...

i, on the other hand, prefer to believe that mine is 'limited edition'.

Whatever grade you give yourself...
keep in mind that there are other things at work here as well
to use this as an excuse to escape your responsibility
is absolute cowardice.

25% (mother's) + 25% (father's) = 50%
add another 50...
25% knowledge + 25% experience = 50%

until we reach 100...
this is who we


Delwyn said...

Hello, I'm Delwyn,

Years ago for one of my University exams I had to write a paper on your theme - heredity verses environment and as a teacher and a counsellor over my working career and raising 4 children - 3 biological and one Korean born, I have had ample time to think about this question. What I have come up with is that it is not a fixed ball ground. There are many variables - it is not cut and dried...Life is about mystery, about asking questions, some of which just don't have answers - and thats OK because its the asking of the question that is important. I wonder as you move through life whether you will find that your topic swings like a pendulum and depending on your spiritual inclinations or philosophy it becomes more inclusive or expansive... anyway for now happy days
P.S. what part of the world do you write from? Tis hot and humid here too.

moonshin said...

Hi, Delwyn.

i appreciate your comment. it feels wonderful to know that there others who share thoughts such as mine. a person with such credential as you - career woman and a mom to boot - i am honored to be of your acquaintances.

i love observing people. through them, i can see traces of what life really is - who we are and what we are capable of. i would really love to read that paper you've written someday.

fyi, i am a student of the education program at university. i am an english teacher in the making.

P.S i am from southeast asia. where are you from?