Thursday, January 15, 2009

life is indeed funny!

i remembered one telephone call that i had with my sister not too long ago... i don't know how it started... but we talked a lot about opportunity in life and how some people are more lucky than the others.

i have always believe that life is fair - we each have problems of our own and we each have our own share of happiness. we need them both to appreciate life and be thankful to God for the things that we have and not for the things that we haven't.

being raised by Mom and Dad, secure me enough to take on the world without being afraid that it might not turn out the way i expected it to be. growing up, they have taught me how to change a 'sad or bad' situation into a 'happy or funny' one...

if you see life as a joke, everything will be easier to handle. or so, my lecturer said. but half of the time, i think it's true.

as i thought that my life is becoming extremely boring...i got a chance to finish my practical in Indonesia! that is opportunity enough, don't you think?

life is indeed funny when it surprises you like that. i have never even dream of going there... but like i said, just be brave enough to take on the joke and you'll see where it'll take you.

so...Indonesia, here i come!!!

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