Monday, January 5, 2009

My life, when it rains.

I just love the rainy days...

Whenever i sat by my window - watching the rain pouring outside, i felt calm and at peace.

With nothing on but a baby tee and underwear...
sitting on the winow sill...thinking about yesterdays.

The rain allows me to take a pause...for a few minutes, to just be. As i breathe in deeply, the air smells reminds me of the scent of a newly mowed lawn and old paper. The air feels cold against my face - i became alive again.

I feel as if i understand it now; why trees need the rain to grow. I think it is the same reason why i need the rain to be able to face the world.

putting my face close to the window
my breath fogged up the glass.
watching the raindrops fall from the sky
unto the roof and on my window...
leaving a small trail of tiny droplets behind.

as i see with my eyes close...
the trail looks like a map.
and as i dream with my eyes open...
it seems to lead into a secret world.

on rainy days such as this...
as i sat on my window sill
when every boundary becomes blurry
my existence seems to fade along with the gentle kisses of the rain.

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