Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Simple love...

if i were to fall in love...again...i wish for it to be nothing more than just a simple love.
just like the title of this song by Jay Chou...jian dan ai means simple love. (please correct me if i'm wrong)


Spread The Happy Virus said...

Girl, I don't think people will settled on a simple love because love itself is about giving the very best and wanting more in the end.. but whatever it is, I hope you will find the greatest love because that's what you deserve.. :D

moonshin said...

yes, happiness needs a lot of efforts - the same goes with other things in life. something so important, indeed we must give nothing less than the best. i agree.

but...there's no such thing as 100% happiness in the world. even if i am destined to get only 80% out of the whole...i think that would be enough since the first percent is made out of the phrase 'i like you'. Then we, ourselves put in the rest.

we decide whether it is 100 or 60 or 10.even if it is simple, i will mark it as a 100.