Sunday, January 24, 2010

shouldn't have...

From the very first time,
i should have ignored it.
...shouldn't have done it.

should have ran away.
should have looked the other way.
i should have pretended not to see.
i should have pretended not to hear.
i don't think i should have met you.

should have stopped from the very first time...
shouldn't have bought that card.
shouldn't have sent that message.
shouldn't have sang that song.
shouldn't have told you...

without anything but a smile...
i shouldn't have looked at you.
should have turned away...
should have stopped before it happened.

i thought i'm cured.
i thought the memories have become harmless.
though i am over you,
i can't seem to be able to look at anyone else.
i can't hear...
i can't see...
the way i see you the first time.

i shouldn't have fallen for you...


ERMAYUM said...

it is OK dear- that is for the memory- one day u will appreciate the bittersweet of it- I pray that your heart will heal and somebody will come along and caress it :)aminnnnn

moonshin said...

hahahaha...hope so. they say that your 'romantic cell' will die if you stay single for too long. LOL!
thanks, ermayum ;)