Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For the Truth that will Never Change

Our family is unique, Sis.
…hard to find one anywhere that orbits like ours.
If others’ – like the earth – move around the sun,
ours on the other hand, spiral out of control – zigzagging across the universe.
A day could be 24 or even 35 hours on our little planet.
The normal rules don’t apply in our family.

Like Lil Sis,
I too, discovered the ritual of tea time peculiar.
We never had a tea time on our little planet.
The shocked of observing people drink hot beverages at breakfast
was more immense if ever it was possible.
Mom never drinks anything without ice cubes floating in them.
So naturally, it’s the same for the rest of us.

We drink Cokes like water and we eat junk food like rice.
Wish Mom could have packed me with biscuits and bread
when I was in boarding school…
Instead of Twisties, Apollos and Maggi…
The last time I went home, I saw Dad stocking the fridge
with tubs of ice-cream.
I said to him, I didn’t ask for any.
“They’re for me. Suddenly, felt like eating some…just a small scoop or two…”
Yeah, right.
At midnight, I caught him in the kitchen,
spreading liberal amounts of vanilla ice-cream over slices of butterscotch bread.

On our little planet,
without 8 bottles of carbonated drinks to adorn the table…
It couldn’t be Raya.
Up until I was 18, I thought they are part of the tradition
– a-must-have-at-Raya – like the rendang and ketupat.
Dila was the one who broke the bombshell on me
when we were roomies…back in Matric.
She told me that once; her Mom chased her around the house
for waking up at 10 in the morning.
I told her, I woke up at 2. In the afternoon.
*“Gapo dio?! Mu, bio bena?! Binate mu ni…”
(* “What?! Really?! You jackass, you…”)

I cooked my first pot of rice in my sophomore year.
Okay, Syud helped out a bit…maybe, a lot…
But I was the one guarding over it while it cooked.
Watching the bubbles as the rice came to a boil, was fascinating…
Well, you get the picture.

We walk in our parents’ room like it’s nothing.
Hanging out to gossip like a bunch of friends out for drinks on Sundays.

Sis, we might have missed several important ‘lessons’…
Our Mom and Dad might have forgotten to teach them to us…
Perhaps then, life wouldn’t be so shocking…
Or in your case, mortifying every time you’d go to your in-laws’ place…
But, in the end…we turned out alright, didn’t we?
You, having a family of your own now…
Lil Sis, engineer-in-the-making, on fast-speed train to Japan…
I, am living my dream…

Honestly, I am grateful.
If I am not who I am today,
I don’t think I’ll be capable to love and to teach my students
like I do now.
Don’t count Brother.
He has been exiled from our little planet a long time ago.
Well, at least on my list.

My point is…
Even though we mastered our ABC before everything else,
we turned out okay.
We never went kicking chairs and tables in front of the teachers.
Or have you?
We apply manners when it is called for…
We respect elders and acquaintances where it is deemed necessary.

Late is the hour to be learning those lost ‘lessons’ now…
But Sis, it’s never too late for anything.
Not until you think it is.
Embrace each new day with new discoveries.
Because you,
who understands and sees the importance behind each new lesson
then, to apply it in the present,
is the true genius of them all.

I am learning too.
And in times of awkwardness…
riding the tides of unfamiliar territories…
laugh them off.
Just laugh them off for a moment then, pick yourself up.

Despite how ‘abnormal’ our family might seem from an outsider’s POV…
Despite of how seldom we speak of our roles in each other’s life…
For the truth that will never change,
all of us are family that could count on each other.
Just…a unique one at that.

You’ll be fine.
Just don’t do that flip-flop thing again in front of your in-laws.
Lil Sis, will be fine as long as chicken is on the daily menu.
Mom and Dad will be fine – though they don’t want to admit it –
As long as they have each other.
And I’ll be fine, as long as TVXQ exists in this world.

I guess, Brother Su is still in a shock mode, even though
he’s been part of the family for a while now.
Don’t worry Brother Su, you’ll get used to it.
Trust me. Just enjoy the ride.
Have a wonderful day, y’all! ;)


ERMAYUM said...

ye yang penting we turn out find tak kisahla how our parents brought us up- and it is never to learn to learn- in fact everyday is a learning day - for a better self tomorrow
hmm my children will scream happy if they can have your life - so many carbonated drinks heheeh - even dlm fridge nak amek kena ask me- dont u dare curi2 minum heheeh

QuE^9^ said...

Hmmm... Suddenly I feel like i'm not really close with my siblings.. Maybe becoz we all have gone our separate ways...

moonshin said... can always do something about that...just pick up the phone ;)