Monday, November 1, 2010

my weakness - sweet smile =)

you guys know that i like JYJ's jaejoong, right?
i think i have well established that part. =)
pretty obvious - as you can see from my blog.
his picture is larger than mine.

my sister jokingly said that she's going to find me a guy that look like jaejoong.
i was like, "ok.....". Goooood is it possible to find that 'face' here or anywhere else?
it's not like its on sale at Giant or something. Hahahah~

anyway, i can't really say what's my type actually is...
if i like the guy, than he's my type. only then, i can really specify.
however, i've noticed from the past that i have sort of a weakness towards guys with sweet smile.

Oh, God! this is so embarrassing!

* am melting *

lots of luv,


YourMyMine JaeJoong said...

are yoy a fans of JJ?

moonshin said...

Yes, I used to be a huge fan! Then, life happened. I can see that you are a big fan of him too.