Monday, November 8, 2010

small life in the concrete floor

i was waiting for the bus (as usual...)
when i suddenly noticed something green has sprung out from the bus stand's floor.

too absorbed with own thinking, sometimes makes us missed things...
the wind was blowing...suddenly, i remembered a familiar memory such as this one...
i was waiting too - a younger me...

it was a small plant.
or would you rather call it a small tree?
nuh, i don't think so. it only has a few leaves, you see.

so fragile - but yet, manages to worm out of the tiled floors.
the way i see it, it is kind of incredible.
works hard just to be able to bathe in sunshine...

"hard for you too, huh?"

i guess, it hasn't been easy for anybody.
life, that is.

"but, i shouldn't give up huh?"
"ok. i'll keep looking up at the sky and move forward".

"you should too"