Sunday, October 31, 2010


i used to fall in love with the idea of love itself.
the butterflies in the stomach...the goofy grin....
...the happily ever after....

but now...herm, how should i say this?
i'm happy the way i am.
i'm in love with my dreams.
i wanna go and see the world!

to force me...
it will only make me feel like waking up in the morning but still thinking of the dream i had last night.
trust me, 'mine' was beautiful.
my first - it was short and sweet. but that's just life.... ;)

ask me again in about 10 years time, k?

lots of luv,

(p/s: i bought this umbrella at a japanese-merchandise shop. cute huh? always wanted one. lucky i found that shop! damn cheap too! (^ ^)

1 comment:

ERMAYUM said...

10 years is too long :) make it half k heheh - but who knows - love may sweep u off yr feet tomorrow :D