Friday, November 12, 2010

a gift from twitter =)

tomorrow will be my last exam for this semester.
while i was feeling worried and anxious, my hp suddenly alerted me to one of Jaejoong's tweet.
and this is how it goes...

"There are so many waves crashing down on us. Though the road we must travel down is so far and long, we must not stop.. The moment we do, we will be giving up on the road to becoming adults and we'll fall into a bottomless abyss. Though we are just beginning to experience what it's like to become adults, I want us to step into a bigger world that we can't see yet with the best weapon we could hope to have, the fact that we are still young.Let's all be strong^^ I'm always thankful!"

by, Kim Jaejoong.

i'm sharing this tweet because i've received strength from it.
hope it'll help you too.


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