Monday, November 15, 2010

somebody out there

i like it when my friends call me to tell their days stories.
new BF...
sad stories...happy stories....anything that is weighing on their hearts.
i'll be happy on their part...
i'll be sad on their part too.

i think, God created the world with so many people to show that we are not alone.
i can't imagine living in an isolated world - i'll live but not actually 'living'.

i talk all the time with my roommate.
eventhough, i have only known her for about 6 months but, we could share anything between ourselves.
i really enjoy that.

my best friend sent me a MMS - picture of her license the day she got it.
i was really happy that she shares that with me.
even more that we are now far apart and i didn't get to see her much since i continued my study.

my big sis call me often to update me on my first nephew.
i must say i can't wait to meet Rayyan - i'm gonna spoil him rotten =)

one of my coursemate shares her big news with me today.
actually i have known about it through FB but still i was wondering when she would tell me personally.
she did. just a tad bit late. that's okay =)

my Mom call me regularly to complain about Dad or about her days up at the stall joint.
Dad call mostly just to inform me if any mail has arrived for me at home.
but we SMS often.

i talk a lot with my lil sis. can't wait to go back for this holiday to catch up on some stories.
i'll get to be a king when she's around - i order her around but she never say no to me.

i gain new good friend at the start of term - we chat online almost everyday eventhough we see each other all the time in class.
she's crazy...well, i'm too =)

why am i writing this down?
just to show you that somebody is out there - for you to talk to and be heard.
just reach out and be that good friend, daugther and sister you hope to be.

then others will be the same to you.

you don't have to be alone.

lots of luv,


ERMAYUM said...

yeah keep that in mind- you are not alone :)

moonshin said...

yes, i'll remember always =) im fine go about doin my things alone but with friends, everything is 10 times better!