Monday, July 26, 2010

precious "words"

by oldskool devil (

if you look back on your past memories,
what will be the most vivid to you?
The people? The background? The sound?
Perhaps, there was music...the song?

what comes clear to mind when u tried to remember that one important day in your life?
say a it the taste of the melting chocolate cake in your mouth?
is it the smiles and laughter of the people around you?

on your graduation it the tears at the corner of your mother's and father's eyes? or is it the feeling that came rushing through as you threw your hat into the air with your friends?

For me, it's words.
as i recalled memories, the people's faces or the place might have faded a little in my mind's eyes...but the words...
i will not forget them.
They are spoken by those who are important to me...for me.
in acts of kindness and love to make me feel give me give me hope...
to make me feel show concerns....
So yes, for me it's the words.

"you'll get your chance, just be excellent as you've been..."
"love you...all the best for your MA..."
"thank you for being my teacher..."
"you can do it. i have faith in you..."
"i named you with double A in your name because you are special..."
"don't forget to eat k? Love you..."
"i have high hopes for you...."
"don't forget me..."


Relyn said...

I have to tell you, I really love your new banner. It's just wonderful.

moonshin said...

thanks ;)