Monday, July 12, 2010

i am a chameleon

Ever had that one lesson in school,
where the teacher asks you to pick one object that best describes you?
my answer then is no longer important...
but the 'me' who i am now,
i'll say that i am a chameleon.
i think that creature describes me perfectly.

i used to think that i am the biggest hypocrite in the world.
i used to think that i don't have an identity.
one minute, i am the funny minute, the quiet lone ranger.
i am a bit of everything and i tend to change according to the people around me.
that sucks...
i used to think that what i am at home is the real me...
i thought i am 100% me around family...

You know that cliche thing...saying how we go around
wearing masks?
i used to be one of them.
even though i am only writing about this on my blog and am talking to myself inside my head,
but it still sounds downright lame.

but after that 3 weeks of Dark Ages...
now, i know that being a chameleon is my identity.
it's not a bad thing...
i can use it to my advantage.

think about it.
i am a chameleon.
what are you?

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