Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do I even worth anything?

I acted cool; saying those words like it meant something.
I acted like I know things; as if it is a given since I am older than you.
Naturally, I told you my life’s story.
Without shame, I gave you advices.
Without thinking twice of its effects on you, I spewed a lot of crap about life and dreams.

Have I changed anything from the Me ten years back?
Have I learnt my lesson on the day that I cried in the hall with the blank exam answer sheet in front of me?
Have I changed at all these past several years?
Have I achieved anything?

Why do I feel like I’m still that damn useless girl back then?
Why do I feel like I have yet achieved anything?
Why do I feel everything that I do is meaningless?
Do I even worth anything?



JAZZ said...

you worth a lot to me

moonshin said...

thanks, jessy...means a lot...

JAZZ said...

thank you for everything. You make me know who I am better.

TinkyLove said...

The fact that you're on this earth and living your life, the fact that you can give total strangers like me hope already means you're worth a lot more than you think!! Thanx for your advice on my previous post!!! It really helped me!

moonshin said...

TinkyLove, thank don't know how much u have just cheered me up ^^ this is me, during my period of reflection on life...dark, huh? LOL