Thursday, April 14, 2011

Graduate Scholar Award

Thank you very much for applying for the Graduate Scholar Award for Eighteenth International Conference on Learning in Mauritius from 5-8 July. We had many well qualified students apply for the award and are very pleased to inform you that we have selected you as one of our recipients. As a result, you will receive a fee waiver for the conference registration. Additionally, you will be introduced at the conference opening session along with your fellow Graduate Scholar Awardees.

Herm... ^^ been calling Mom and Dad, Dr M, and others all day to share the news. getting this, means I am amount to something right? now i know that persuading others is much more easier than persuading yourself~

if all goes well, i'll be flying out to Mauritius this coming July ^^
Thank you, God. I am really grateful.

LOts of LOVe,


Relyn said...

Congratulations!! That's wonderful news.

moonshin said...

Thank you, Relyn! ^^ I can't wait for July to come!

Ermayum said...

congratulationnnnnnn :)

moonshin said...

thanks, ermayum! heheheh =)

Ryan said...

double rainbow, good picture.