Saturday, October 30, 2010

another beautiful-ordinary day

the journey back from Time Square to college was uneventful.
despite it being saturday, i managed to get a seat as soon as i stepped into the train.
with my mp3 popped in...listening to JYJ's newest album...
i just looked out through the window - taking in the scenery outside.

i've just finished my first exam yesterday.
so this outing was actually a break for me from all the studying and work.
been planning it for weeks...almost calling it quits but my roommate talked me into it.
worth the journey - i feel refreshed. Thanks :)u know me well.

i hold onto the white plastic bag in my hand with care - don't want anything to happen to it.
inside, there's JYJ's album + Jaejoong's poster + Jaejoong's calender + keychan.
needless, to say...i'm beyond happy.

just a month ago, i would never think that i'll be meeting JYJ in person.
after TVXQ got disband... never thought the threesome would come to Malaysia...
but then, there i was at the showcase - shouting jaejoong's name with a red light stick in my hand.
n today, i bought their album which i thought 'mirotic' would be the last...

seems meaningless to u? well, i understand completely - you are not a fan.
but to me it is a big deal.
this is life, i guess.
unexpected and so many possibilities.

today, the beauty of living hit me so hard...i felt overwhelmed with gratefulness.
Yesterday and today was beautiful.
i know tomorrow will be too if i work hard.
just as jaejoong made it possible to come out with this album.

ganbarimasu!! (meaning, 'i'll work hard' in japanese)

lots of luv,

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