Wednesday, October 20, 2010

keep your dreams alive

growing up...
i've lost my way a couple of times.
stumbled up upon a wall - couldn't see what's on the other side.
seemed meaningless - to keep on waking up in the morning just for the sake of living.

sounds lame to you?
but that's how it felt for me during those times.

my dreams are me - without them there's no me.
like a photographer with an expensive camera but without any inspiration.

keep on dreaming - keep the dreams alive.
don't find a hole to burry yourself in...
coz that will be the end of you - and you know it.

i have many dreams.
and within each new day, new ones are born...some are granted.
but for some that weren't, i'll keep them alive.

i promise myself this....
i'll keep on dreaming.


Relyn said...

dreaming + a little elbow grease = one happy life

moonshin said...

been a long time, are you? thanks for your comment ;)

i'm taking one step at a time...slow but i'll get there.

ERMAYUM said...

dreams give us hopes and we can use hopes to move on :)