Wednesday, July 29, 2009

weirdo me...

I seldom change what I ate during mealtimes.
I prefer to frequent the same mall when I want to shop.
I still love vanilla the best despite other new flavors.
I like daisy instead of a rose.
I prefer sitting at home than just simply going out without a reason.
I still play with the soap bubbles even though, I’m now 22.
I love eating French fries dip in vanilla ice-cream.
I could stay awake for a day just to finish a Korean drama series.

What a weirdo, huh?

But this is who I am.
Believe me, I’ve tried changing some of them
But failed miserably.

I have my own reasons for doing things that I do and
For liking the things that I cherish.
I’ve given up trying to make people understand along time ago.
Because in the end, what I think and how I feel will count the most.

…when I was little, I used to play soap bubbles with my best friend everyday…
I even played soap bubbles with my students on my last day at school.
They bought several bottles of soap bubbles just to make me happy me….
The scenery as the bubbles float around the room…with my students laughing…was simply beautiful.
It was even magical.

I don’t think I’ll ever given up on the soap bubbles now.
As a matter of fact, never for any of them.


ERMAYUM said...

hi there, nothing weirdo about you- I found it normal to go to the same mall every time , or to keep eating the same ice cream flavor or to watch korean drama one whole day. If I found my fav I can do that as well despite me feeling so old ...

but i think u re the romantic type heheh it's not necessarily true but nothing wrong if u re

moonshin said...

wow, thanks! hearing it from another person really feels different - it actually sounds more!

thanks again, ERMAYUM! you've just made my day =)

please drop by again =)

QuE^9^ said...

I heard from 1 episode of 'Numbers' that human will form a routine that is they are usually unaware of.

I can't watch a korean drama for the whole day...=.='

Miss Nadiah said...

i love soap bubbles too.i always buy one whenever i have the feel to play with it.

like Mr.Que^9^ said, human formed a routine. Yup, that's right.

And your routine is not pelikla my dear. Mine is worst than yours.

p/s: some people think I'm childish if I play with the soapbubble. sad ^_^. I just wanna have fun.

hele said...

so beautiful.

moonshin said...

to Que,
thanks again for your comment. i dunno...people said that changes are

i guess, you're right that people do have such tendency as routines. i'll look at it positively. =)

to Nad,
why don't we play soap bubbles together sometimes? that way, we'll both be childish together. it won't look that bad that way and plus, it's lots LOTSA fun that way too! =)

to Hele,
thanks for dropping by and of course thank you for your kind words of praise.

please do come again =)

Relyn said...

Don't change who you are. Ever. Plus, it's true that we're all weirdos. I love your weird things. Although I don't think I'll ever join you in the fries and ice cream thing. I am 38 and I still play with bubbles. Often.

moonshin said...

i am grateful that i proclaimed myself as a weirdo inside my blog...if not, i wouldn't have known that a lot of people actually still play with soap bubbles in their adulthood.

...the world is beautiful...even for me as a weirdo. lol! should try it, Relyn. it's delicious! lol! thanks for dropping by =)