Saturday, March 28, 2009

Relyn's Request XD

Not too long ago, i wrote in one of my posts about a jacket that i designed and a dress that i made especially for my college dinner.
Relyn asked me for pictures of them. an answer, i've uploaded several pictures on my blog.
of course, i welcome any comments from all of you =)

without further ado....let me present to you....

the jacket that i made out of an old, long denim skirt.

This is the dress that i made for my dinner.
i've already wore them last Wednesday! lol!
simple mortifying! all sorts of thoughts went through my head...
and the most terrifying of them all is...

what if the dress suddenly fall of?

Thank God, nothing of the sort happened.

so..........................what do you think, guys?


Miss Nadiah said...

My mouth is 0o0.

Awesomela Saf, you boleh buat bisnes boutique!

moonshin said...

Thanks for the compliment! but there is still a long way to go before i take on something as big as opening a boutique.
Sewing and designing are only some of the things that i like to do in my spare time...there's still a lot more to
yeah, lets just leave it at!

i want to try other new things in the future.

oh yeah, i also know how to knit. it is a pity that our climate is hot and wet all year round. it would be nice to have snow....then i could wear one of my muffler! lol! XD

Reya Mellicker said...

I think they're both so cool! You're a clothing designer, wow!

Would love to see pics of you wearing these gorgeous creations.

moonshin said...

oh hi, Reya! Thank you for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it.

Pics? of me? really? lol!
i'll think about it. i always look awkward in pictures. So, there aren't many except a few that my friends forced out on me.

yeah...please, drop by anytime =)

Maya Helmi said...

saf?link your blog ya?hehehe

moonshin said...

no prob, maya. i'd be happy to link with you =)

sya` said...

wah kau pandai jahit.. bangga nya aku!

moonshin said...

hahahahah....hard to believe, huh? lol! Well...people can change. =)

Relyn said...

Yeah!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing. They are both marvelous! My friend, you have quite a talent. I am quite impressed. I can't wait to see what you do next.

moonshin said...

hi, Relyn! you're here!

wow, thank you for the compliment. really appreciate it =)

a bit busy at the moment because i am about to go for my teaching practical. Yep...can't believe that i'll be graduating soon....

anyway, thanks for dropping by Relyn. have a nice day =)

Delwyn said...

You clever little pixie Moonshin, wow they are great.
I want to see you in them too.

moonshin said...

thank you for the compliment, Delwyn.

oh, i'm so happy right now! =) feels as if i could jump over the moon. lol! =)

and thank you all for your kind words of encouragement. i'll treasure them forever.