Friday, March 13, 2009

designing my own clothes XD

Today, i wore a jacket - a design of mine - to class. Needless to say, the experience was mortifying. It felt as if i walked around naked all over campus (yeah, maybe i'm a bit exaggerating). The jacket was made out of an old denim skirt which i used to wear back in high school. Since it does no longer fit me, i decided to get creative and transform it into a jacket.

I have neither basic skills of sewing nor sketches or plan for the design - i simply cut right in praying to God that i have not just mutilated a beautiful skirt for nothing. At that time, my mind was only thinking of how to make it work and miraculously in the end, it did.

Now, i am working on a new piece - a black, empire-waist-high dress (did i get the terms correct? forgive me if i'm wrong) for my college dinner which will be held in two weeks time. The dress is almost finished except for its sleeves. Got any idea? I am thinking of maybe puffed sleeves....

My mother went out of her wits when she saw me cutting headlong into meters and meters of black cloths without even measuring them first. She looked as if she was having a heart-attack. But no worries, the dress fitted me just fine. Of course they look fine too =)

now i know that i love working with my hands - inventing, creating things.


The Happy Virus said...

can't wait to see the dress!! :D your outfit today is very nice indeed and you should proud of wearing your own piece gurl.. not anyone can have the chance you know.. eg: me, me & me lol.

moonshin said...

=) thank are too kind. right, i'll make sure to finish it next weekend. hwaiting!

Relyn said...

Well? Where are the pictures? You know I really, really want to see it. The jacket and the dress. You are one brave girl. I love it!