Sunday, June 10, 2012

Me and who i want to be~

All that i am and all that i can ever be, is simply a compromised version of my ideal self.
Heck, why not? 99-80% to perfection is good enough, won't u say? ^^
buhbye M~ hellloooo V~ and buhbyee too, to CU~ helloooo, MU~

There's no telling in 10 years' time, I'll be 'dumping' both M and V, and go for Porsche instead~ gotta dream big, baby~

I'll work hard for MU. It's a good place too. I'd be honored to study at such a pretigious establishment.
There's no telling I won't go for a post-doc after that, too~ heheheheh...
What is that? Oh yes, it is Hope i'm feeling blooming in my chest.
I might be seeing you a little later than planned, CU, but i'll get there, someday. ^^

I'll be fine - both legs still there, you see. I have no excuse not to try.

There. I feel better now. ^^

Lots of luv, Moonshin.

ps: they say i don't look anywhere near like a lecturer~ see if i care~ ^^, I wear accordingly when i'm in class. So the children are safe. Rest assured~

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