Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I'm Sorry.

Whenever you find yourself caught in an argument or misunderstanding...
Try to be empathetical towards that other person.
It is not, so that you can understand him or her better...
It is for you to see that each and every one of us is different.

I tend to forget that a lot and often times, I forced what I believe onto others...
“I thought she’d understand...”
“I thought we had a connection...”
“He should have...”
“She should have...”
“I thought I could trust him...”
That’s what happened when we think we are alike, when we are not.

And that happened to me too.
I think I owe an important person, an apology.

I don’t want to sweep the ‘messes’ under the rug...
I understand too well the universal rule of ‘we forgive, forget and we move on’...
But I don’t want to be forgiven for the things that you thought what I thought was the problem.
Get it? Or do you even know?
Will the ‘avoiding awkward moments’ be worth it in the future?

There are things that should be said rather than left unsaid...
Especially among families and best friends.

I know that it is better said than done.
But how many times are we going to use the same excuse throughout our lives?
I mean, life is short...
So, I want to start now...I want to make a promise to myself...
That whenever I can,
I want to try and explain myself as well as try to understand the other person.

I want to say that I am angry when I am angry.
I want to say that I am feeling sad when I am.

I realized it now...
That we are not often granted chances to say how we really feel...
Let it not be wasted anymore, than it was.

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