Sunday, April 15, 2012

I am Me ^^

I’ve been told recently that my writing style is 'childish' - 'very adolescent-like'.
I am 25 years old.
I am a fellow at an established state university.
I’m in my final stage of completing my Master at a research university where I’ve also lectured undergrads as well as teach English subject to the gifted students in the national gifted program.
I’ve published some academic papers and have received an international Graduate Award last July.
Currently, I’m tightening some loose ends to my undergrad thesis.
I am lucky to find a publishing house that is willing to help me with its publication – free of charged.
So at first when I heard such comment being said behind my back, I felt so sad that I cried.
I’ve work hard knowing my weaknesses and never have I ever paraded any of this so-called-achievement...
I never see them as that myself, so why would I....

I am a teacher who teaches writing and for someone to say that I shouldn’t....
I, myself don’t want to put anybody in any disadvantage because of me.
But yet, this had happened and I must say I just couldn’t understand it.

Must I use difficult words to get my message across?
Must I use strong sentences when I know that a fact, in actuality is a fragile thing?

I believe that we should be humble in our pursuit for the truth.
The more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know.
I am not in a race for anything.
I am happy just to discover and to appreciate what God has made for us.
So I use whatever means that I have to the best of my ability to share whatever inspirations that have and will come my way.

I am still learning.
I see no end in Me. Do you see an end in You?
Please give me that chance and then, give the same to yourself.

I won’t be mad at my friend even if her intention was to hurt me.
I won’t be mad because I believe that rather than making a point, ‘adapting to the situation’ and ‘make the best of it’ is more important, challenging and what’s more....

I know a lost case when I see one.
“Brave is not the opposite of fear, rather the judgment something else is more important than fear...”

I have to acknowledge the fact that I ‘stumble’ pretty easily...this time, by mere words...
I've discovered as well, that I ‘got up' again, pretty fast....well done, Me.


Ayuni said...

can you teach me grammar, I'm very poor in grammar....

JAZZ said...

People will like to make us fall but if we manage to stand up and become who we are, that will the best. Keep on writing, teacher. =)

Zenefertiti said...

I like your writing :) I'm now a follower :) stick that to the haters :)

moonshin said...

Dear Ayuni,
The key to learning the English language is through reading. Read a lot and you have nothing to worry about ^^

Dear Jessey,
Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. ^^

Dear Zenefertiti,
You put a big smile on my face when i read your comment. I couldn't thank you enough... Welcome to my blog ^^