Monday, February 8, 2010

Heart feels heavy.

Heart feels heavy.
Throat feels dry – fill with unspoken words.
Shoulder sags under invisible burden…
Dragging you down.

When you feel like crying…
Don’t hold it in, just cry.

Breath shortens.
The eyes blink in warm anticipation.
First drop. Then, the second.
Just let it all out.
It will be alright.

Wind will come soon and blow the rainy clouds away.
Tomorrow, the sun will shine only for the brighter.
Don’t be afraid.
If you fall down, all you got to do is to stand up again.

There will be a smile at the end of the tears.
Have hope. Hang in there.

p/s: what do you think of my photos? i love taking photos of little children even though i'm actually pretty bad when it comes to children - just don't know what to do....LOL.


ERMAYUM said...

boleh brush up jadi professional :)

moonshin said...

oh, thanks ;) i'll try my best