Monday, December 28, 2009

Paper Airplanes

Writing down about life on pieces of paper.
Folding them into hundreds of paper airplanes.
Sitting over the edge on top of a tall building.

With the wind blowing, the sun ablaze…

And simply without a care in the world…
sending each and every one of them sailing
across the sky to only-God-knows-where.

If only life were that easy,
I chuck a reasonable portion of mine everywhere, every time.
But like I said,
if life were only that easy…
If only life is plain – just black and white.

I’m older now.
Perhaps wiser, I don’t know…
But those dark spots in life have taught me many things…
If anything, it forms a part of who I am today…
Maybe, not as noble or as excellent – I have my broken pieces.
Well, at least…I’m easily distinguishable and far better off
than those ‘animals’ on TV.

I need them to appreciate the things that I have…
And to have the strength to work hard to have the things
which I want but don’t have.
On my own pace, I’ll find them all in good times.

The scenery from up here is indeed beautiful.
Heck, this is stupid.
But it’s fun, so what the hell.
Life can afford being stupid sometimes –
and this is it.

I’ll chuck the paper airplanes as hard as I can…
Hope it can lessen the weight I’m carrying.

Then like always…
Pick myself up, to live tomorrow.


ERMAYUM said...

hi moonshin where have u been? hope all is good with u -

this piece is deepppppp :)- I wish also life is as simple as black and white but with only this 2 colours life maybe that simple but would be very dull and stagnant- no taste-

luckily life is full of colours Moonshin - go and blend with the colors - taste all and you will you emerge out with one color - color of your own no other can have it - you blend yourself and make your own color k- give it yr own name but emerge and surface well k :)

moonshin said...

hi, ermayum.

haven't been much to anywhere...just the usual semester break. since i haven't got internet serv at home, i just got disconnected from the cyber world for a while.hahahaha....

yeah...i'd imagine it'll be dull too...but sure, i'll keep my option open for new colours...perhaps, like you side, someday i'll find one that i'll be proud to claim as my own.

happy days ;)