Tuesday, November 10, 2009

one year from today

One text message, one smile.
One song – to accompany the dead silent night.

One cake, one birthday card.
One candle – to light up a lonely heart.

One picture, one blue-dress.
One hopeful wish – to rejoice a, one-sweet day.

One pink bracelet, one jar of cookies.
One friendship – to last forever.

One ice-blended chocolate, one cup of milk.
One place – to feel like home.

One black spectacle, one sneaker.
One backpack, one girl.

One year from today – one dream.


ERMAYUM said...

Nak g mana one year from today dear nak berbacking all over the world?:) - wish u luck for whatever dream u have - One day it will come true if u chase it hard enough:)

QuE^9^ said...

Nice poem, makes me a lil sad... :)

moonshin said...

why does my poem makes you sad, Que? if you don't mind me asking...