Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time to heal

I thought I'd feel better after a drive ....looking at greens and the sky...breathing in the fresh air outside of the city.
I thought the vastness of it all would somehow envelop and swallow the small sadness I have in my heart - renders it insignificant as it should be and then perhaps, makes it disappear...
But I was wrong.

The broad horizon only highlights the emptiness even more...
Screaming in my face with such brute force that I helplessly surrendered to the comfort of tears.

What was once done so easily and naturally without guilt, now is very hard for me to do.
Crying is an indulgence I don't want to give myself at this stage in life.
Crying was an indulgence my parents gave me when I was young....

This time words are somewhat powerless...and tasteless.

I need a little bit of time to heal.
Let me be.


Nataly Zaks said...

did you write that? it's really good!

moonshin said...

Yes, I did. I was going through some trouble.... Thanks ^^ so nice of you ;)

Manisha Singh said...
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Kristien said...

Beautiful Moonshin,
I 'accidentally' bumped into your blog and I must say; WOW! I was mesmerized by your poetry!
Your writings are coming from a very clear and bright space within yourself. This is written music and magic to me, very powerful.
Congratulations on your devine gift!! May the whole be blissed with your radiance and purity!