Sunday, September 19, 2010

my one and only Mom

Mom ate too much food since the start of the festival...
feeling its after effects soon later, she had her time suffering from unmeasureable amount of uncomfortableness;
light-headedness, stomachache, heart-burn, you name 'em and she'd say she have 'em.

mostly things that have got something to do with the middle region.

she's been groaning and complaining non-stop.
but of course, none of us took it too seriously to make a fuss out of it.
just the usual nodding and concerned look (the "uh-huh, i know your pain" look)
it's just my Mom's way of fishing sympathy from the crowd.
god, if she ever finds out what i'm telling the world these days...

me, heart of ice, remain as always the royal observer.
watched through the whole proceeding unfolding before my very eyes...herm, too familiar.
deja-vuish, even.
are we up for the usual ending or are we not?
funny things might cropped out unexpectedly - knowing my Mom.

but first allow me to explain.
what normal is not normal for our family.
so if the ending is unexpected to you guys, it is to us.
heheheheheh....(hye, i'm in a good mood today...herm, wonder why?)

okay, on with the story.
My Mom's not feeling so well, so the usual next scene must be something of a doctor's office or colored looking pills or a glass of ENO at least, don't you think?
to release the 'uncomfortableness'.

My Mom went to bed early last night.
curious of her 'cure'...i tiptoed into her bedroom (aha!).
i discovered two of her 'secret medicine' that faithful night.
as soon as i stepped in, i was a hit by a strong wave of her rubbed oil ('axe' brand, if any of you guys are from Asia, you might have heard of it...hahahaha).
by the side of her bed, there was also an almost empty glass.
i took a sip and there you go, i know the answer to the riddle.

i went downstair to the kitchen and openned the fridge.
there, sitting at the top shelves, was a half-empty bottle of 7-up.
her cure.
hahahhahahahah...shoulda known better. simple - saves you the trip to the doctor's.
she believes the oil is like a cure for ANYTHING. she uses it for EVERYTHING.

once, when she was in high-school.
her period-pain got so bad, she drank a couple drops of that oil.
the oil is meant for EXTERNAL USE only and for joint pains, not period pains.

gotta admit, that pretty hardcore. ahahahahhaha....
well, she's my one and only Mom;)


ERMAYUM said...

minum air 7 up bertambah la sakit perut hehe pandai pandai - anak dia ni mesti pandai gak kan heheh

moonshin said...

hahahahha...weird household ;)