Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i'm not a superman

i'm not a superman.
i can't fly.

i'm not a superman.
i can get hurt.
i hurt pretty bad sometimes.

i'm not a superman.
i'm not bulletproof.
words sometimes are worst that bullets.

i'm not a superman.
i don't have super hearing or super eye-sight.
i'm not super anything.
sorry if i can't read between the lines or detect the signs.

i'm not a superman.
and at times, i need help too.
there's too many bad guys in the world, i cant fight them all as the ordinary me.

i'm not a superman.
he can't cry.
i cry. sometimes.
when things got so bad. when things got so good.
i don't feel like i deserved them.

i'm not a superman.
please, remember that.

Photo by Aida7 i'M baCk!! at flickr.com


iPix... do you?! said...

I love your photos on the side here, they don't look like they've been taken with a phone, they're great, the love one was cleaver :)

moonshin said...

hye, thanks. that's kind of you ;)

ERMAYUM said...

but to be able to float and survive already make u a superwoman :d
yes u re not a superman but why you need to be one heheh superwomen in you is good enough :)

hanisahhossain :) said...

ever thought that being human is a greater gift than being superman? someone will come to you and say, i like you because you're not superman. :)and yes, i like your blog :P