Monday, October 5, 2009

this ritual of mine...

taken by WillyCoolPics from

I’ve lived through this scene before…
Alone, in the dead of night –
Tip-toed into the kitchen,
Pulled a glass of cold-drink from the fridge…
Sitting at the bottom of the staircases,
Drinking, and thinking things.

Since I was a little,
this has always been a little ritual of mine…
to escape others – to escape reality.
Feels like it is a gateway to my own world,
where it is just me and no one else.

At this time of night,
I can sense that the others are sound asleep in their beds…
Curl under warm blankets – envelope by their dreams.
Their time ticks softly, waiting to embrace the new day ahead
whereas mine on the other hand…
feels like it is at a stand still.
As if by some spell – has stopped completely.

I creep back upstairs into my room…
Turn on my laptop, starts some music –
I’m in my own world.


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moonshin said...

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enjoy your day.