Monday, October 12, 2009


i read an article about E.S.P once...
out of curiosity.

it says how people with special ability possibly exits,
only that it is really rare.
maybe, just one in a million.
i'm not sure, i read it a long time ago.

but i think, all of us have that kind of ability...
not as powerful...
but enough to know,
that the girl sitting across you is interested in that boy...
enough to know that something's wrong with your best friend...
enough to show the people we love that we care.

and sometimes, suddenly received a call when you really needed
someone to to be there.

i think, that can be counted as psychic.
what do you think?

between you in me,
i think my mom's been channeling my stomach...
she knows exactly what i want to eat every time,
without me ever telling her.

hehehehehe ;)


ERMAYUM said...

mom and daughter bonding is natural power dear - very strong -
good for you selalula fikir food yg best2 ya hehehe

Maya Ayam said...

my friends keep saying that i am a psychic. gila!hehehe