Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my diseased heart

my heart has contracted a disease.
and it's dying - fast.

do you know how the saying goes that
'Time will heal everything'?
i think it's a lie.
because i've accumulated more damage over the years.
i'm far from being healed...
so, tell me
how does it work really?

the disease seems to be progressing quite rapidly.
slowly, my heart is beginning to loose its ability to trust people.

how does it that people gets closer each day..
but i'm the only one that keeps drifting farther away?
i guess my heart must be nearing its end now...

my advise for you is that...
if your heart is ill like mine
please find a way to heal its pain immediately
don't ignore it like i did...

don't let it be too late...


QuE^9^ said...

T.T... Amazing how you can convey such emotions in your posts... I really feel it...

I think the biggest scar in my heart was when I broke up with my ex-gf. Now it is healed (after 2 years) but it's because I am focused on other things and also I never met her ever again.

So I guess that is how it works. But I am still hesitant to get into another relationship. T.T

QuE^9^ said...
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ERMAYUM said...

Yes you cannot trust all.we cannot just trust anybody-

Trust is earned. - not just given easily- so take your time to grant a trust-

If you re heart broken- hang on time will heal you and you will meet somebody better. - stay optimistic

if somebody betrays you-stay away from that person- he or she is not worth (of you)-

moonshin said...

i know what you mean, Que...

and Ermayum,
thanks for your comment. it gives me strength. i'll try to be more optimistic in the future =)

Miss Nadiah said...

em, you know.

you could take in what ermayum said.

or Que's.

there's another method that you could do to mend that heart of yours.

" As long as you don't forgive, who and whatever it is will occupy rent-free space in your mind.
- Isabelle Holland "

Jon`s Parody said...