Sunday, December 14, 2008

wishing for time to stop.

one of my old high-school friend is already married. she is a ukm student - married to a ukm lecturer. about that?

knowing that fact make me realize...make me say to myself...haa..i am already at this stage of life. how can life passes by so quickly...a year seems like a day and a day seems like an hour.

now, i feel like there is a gap between us...i'm standing here and she's there-at the other side of the road.

i am still watching animes...'quarrel' with my little sister about the tiniest thing (where at the end, it was always my little sister who has to give in)...playing soap bubbles (not so much now)...dreaming of an unlimited..unfathomable future...whereas she, has her life sets on stone.

honestly...i felt scared and nervous. what if people around me started to make expectations... some sort of changes in my behavior-in my lifestyle. they might think that some degree of changes is appropriate since i am already at this stage of life.

but how can i change? i don't wanna change. i want things to stay as it i asking too much?

there are so many things that i have planned for my future and things like 'making commitment' surely not one of them. least not for another 8 years.

and now, my big sister is getting married next april. oh, man! how i dreaded next hari raya. relatives surely be targetting me next! when can we eat your nasi minyak know, that sorts of questions. hhhhaaaaaaa.......

but one of my closest friend told me that i shouldn't be scared...he said that there's nothing wrong with watching animes even when you're married. hahahaha...yeah, i think that's true.

fyi, i was one of those little girls who once wish that they could go to neverland with peter pan...

but now, i know that life has so much to offer...i want to be able to see the other cultures and meet new people and to be able to share thoughts with them.

whaaaaaaaa...i don't know anymore! time, could you please go slower?
hehehe...great, now i'm crazy.


Waterfall said...

Hi there! I finally made my way here after some much needed vacation time which involved a plane ride, a ferry ride, a cable car ride and of course a car ride.

Now to the issue at hand, honestly, do really want to have time stop? If so which particular moment would it stop at? The one in which you got your heart broken by someone of other, or the moment you broken someone's heart, or the moment nothing much happened in your life and your heart was feeling empty and restless due to lack of emotional contact, or the moment too many things were happening at the same time that your heart didn’t know what to feel? The point is every moment offers a new experience and for a budding writer to want time to stop is to say enough to all experiences which would be absurd as it is these experiences that colour your horizon that feeds your soul that nurtures your imaginations that fills these pages.

Take care and let not the time pass us by without the moment being savored for its truest potential.
Happy New Year and may the coming year bring more love and awareness to us all.


moonshin said...

Wow, you really put things into perspective for me! i appreciate it. i am glad to have you back.

i know that those emotions are a part of being human. and that it helps me to open new windows into the writing world. but still, sometimes it becomes too overwhelming.

but of course, lesson learned.i will try to be braver.

happy new year to you too. hope all of us find solace in our writings when all others attempt failed.

The Happy Virus said...

hey, don't really see this coming.. hahaha. for me honestly, i always wished for time to stop so that we can cherish the moment and enjoy by the second of it. then, i know such things will never happen, but that's why we wish for it at the 1st place. not everything we wished will be fulfilled right? at least, this kind of thought preserve the innocence side of a human being.. but then, it's only my thought.. :)