Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sad and happy boxes

People like to store their emotions in spaces around them.
When they are happy, they look up.
When they are sad, they look down.
These little actions occur unknowingly...
Sometimes unconsciously, to lessen the pain that they are carrying when they are hurt.
To appreciate the feeling of joy when they are happy.

Two very different things...
Two almost the same.

When we look down, it becomes difficult to walk...
A little bump on the road can make you trip...
A little carelessness could get you into trouble.

When you look down, you are avoiding.
You are not facing it.

So, I am telling you.
Next time when something bad happens...
If looking up is too much...
Don’t look down, look forward instead.

If you still have your goal... if you still have your dreams...
If you are still breathing...
Then, look forward – move on.
Living in itself, is trying.

The saying that time will heal everything is a lie.
But with time, the hurt will fade a little.
Just a little...it wouldn’t hurt as much.

That’s the funny thing with the human brain, they remember unimportant details...
Yes, with time.... that is what they will become.

Don’t just hope for a better day.
We both know it won’t work that way.
Go, mope for a day if you have to.
Cry a bucket if you want to.
Eat a tub of ice-cream that is my crazy. Hehehehe...

Then, pick yourself up and look forward.

There will be a day again someday, when you’ll look up.
You won’t be down for forever.
You already know this, so why the drama?
Okay? Great. ^^
Make it a habit to look up and to look forward.
You’ll be fine.


Ermayum said...

i really love this moonshin - can i share with my friends? in fb :)

time does not heal especially dealing with death of my mum n dad.
you be nice to them k - and hugs n kisses often them

love erma

moonshin said...

sure, ermayum ^^ no problem and thank u for liking my post.