Friday, March 4, 2011

no i love u or u love me back

Between an idol and a fan.
The relationship is clear and simple...
But yet, true.

He sings and the fan enjoys his performance.
At times, when the magic starts working...
The fan will feel a part of the idol’s world...
A place of just hope and dreams.

There is no expectation.
No I love you or you love me back.
A relationship consists of just those magical moments.

Sometimes I think, I’m ‘hiding’ behind Jaejoong.
I might say, ‘Let love lead the way’...
but quite the opposite, I feel things are better the way they are.
Nobody feelings will get hurt.
I’m just a fan and that’s it.
But in reality, relationship is often unclear and complicated.
I hate that.

I just want to go to Jaejoong’s concert and enjoy myself.
That’s it.
About relationship other than this one?
Let’s wait it out a bit, okay?
At least until I am ready.


Ayuni said...

hikhik, kind of cute...

moonshin said...

riggghhhhtttt......heheheheheh.... now u know why i like him so much^^ he'll be coming this april to malaysia. yipppeeeeee!